Date Venue City
July 20 PAM Residencies (with Ben Varian, Kyrie, & Cat Mahatta) Los Angeles, CA
August 7 Berkeley Art Museum (with Ashley Bellouin and Ben Bracken + Paul Clipson, Anna Ateria, and Kevin Corcan) Berkeley, CA
August 8 DJ Set at High Fantasy at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge San Francisco, CA


Buried Technology

Digital EP + Limited edition of 25 tapes
Available at Practical Records

“Buried Technology” consists of six songs recorded between 2016 and 2017, the emergent period of the “Internet of things”—convenient and ubiquitous devices like a speaking speaker that can testify in court or a fridge that can replenish itself.

In “Buried Technology”, Julius Smack proposes an alternative utilization of big data, where behavior is used for psychology in lieu of benefiting the corporate elite.

Julius Smack uses software that came with his MacBook Air to communicate these ideas. In the music video for “Buried Technology” Julius Smack and Wizard Apprentice search for a missing phone that has fallen in the sand amid cheap iMovie effects, emphasizing the precious dependency we place on our devices, which are all but fated to turn to sand again.

The lyrics in songs like “Real Belief” and “One Day the Day Will Come When the Day Will Not Come” expand on French philosopher Paul Virilio’s 1997 book “Open Sky” concerning humankind’s “horizonlessness”—the distortion of reality as imposed by telecommunications and locomotion. How can we reorient to the realities imposed by these devices, before we too turn into buried technology?

Written and produced by Julius Smack. Mastered by Office of Analog and Digital. Wizard Apprentice performs vocals on “Buried Technology”. “Buried Technology” samples “Corn (Continued)” by Arthur Russell, 1982-1983. “Broken Chorus (Introduction)” samples “Tap Dance” by Moondog, 1956.

Tomb Songs

Digital Album + Limited Edition Tape
Available at Practical Records

“Tomb Songs” is a full-length album by Julius Smack written as an homage and repudiation of his new home Los Angeles. Observing the city as a site of infrastructural decay, “Tomb Songs” regards the city’s geography and its sociological elements—long lines at the nightclub, smog clouds over the skyline, and office buildings dotting the landscape—all within atmospheric compositions indebted to both the dancefloor and isolated spaces like cars and offices.

Fusing lush elements of orchestral music with cold textures of electronica, “Tomb Songs” indicates a new path for Julius Smack. “To me, Julius Smack lives between the future and past, much like Los Angeles. I sought out a kind of MIDI future orchestra that could construct this tension,” he writes.

The artwork was developed in collaboration with illustrator Danny Espinoza as storybook-like motif that has been recurring in Julius Smack’s live performances, while an outfit was produced by Norwegian designers Haik W/ based on adhesive metals worn by injured athletes.


Buried Technology

Music Video

Featuring Wizard Apprentice
Shot by Julius Smack at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Fall 2016.

Performance at Human Resources

Performance Documentation

Shot by Brian Getnick, June 2017.

Am I a Ghost

Music Video

“Am I a Ghost” is taken from “Ghost” by Julius Smack. Directed by Julius Smack. Shot by Brian Getnick. Styling by Will Gomez. Featuring Lydia Glenn-Murray, Jesse di Marie Carlo-Wagner, Emily Jane Rosen, and Lucy Blagg. Shot at Occidental College in January 2016.